Flushing cartridge for Mimaki

Cleaning Cartridge | compatible (220ml cartridge)

This cleaning cartridge is used for cleaning and flushing the ink delivery systems, this is eco ink cleaning solution, safe cleaning liquid for Solvent Ink printers, used to clean ink system and Printhead when changing inks or ink system is clogged.

For Mimaki printers using SS-21 or ES3 Inks. Fits the following models:

CJV150-107 , CJV150-130 , CJV150-160 ,CJV300-130 , CJV300-160 , JV5-130S , JV5-160S , JV5-320DS , JV5-320S , JV33-130 ,JV33-160 , JV33-260 , JV150-130 , JV150-160 , JV300-130 , JV300-160 , TPC-1000 ,TS3-1600 , TS5-1600AMF, JV2-130 , JV2-160 , JV2-180 , JV3-130S , JV3-130SL , JV3-130SPII , JV3-160S , JV3-160SP , JV3-250SP , JV5-130S , JV5-160S , JV5-320S , JV33-130 , JV33-130BS , JV33-160 , JV33-160BS ,JV33-260 , JV33-260BS , JV34-260 , JV150-130 , JV150-160 , JV300-130 , JV300-160, CJV30, CJV-150 series, JV33 series, JV34-260, and JV5 Series printers.

For Roland printers the following models:

Roland RE-640 Roland RF-640 Roland RS-540 Roland RS-640 Roland SC-500 Roland SC-540 Roland SC-545ex Roland SJ-1000 Roland SJ-1045ex Roland SJ-500 Roland SJ-540 Roland SJ-600 Roland SJ-640 Roland SJ-645ex Roland SJ-700 Roland SJ-740 Roland SJ-745ex Roland SP-300 Roland SP-300i Roland SP-300v Roland SP-540i Roland SP-540v Roland SP-540vvkit Roland VP-300 Roland VP-300i Roland VP-540 Roland VP-540i Roland VP-540vkit Roland VS-300 Roland VS-300i Roland VS-420 Roland VS-540 Roland VS-540i Roland VS-640 Roland VS-640i Roland XC-540 Roland XC-540mt Roland XF-640 Roland XJ-540 Roland XJ-640 Roland XJ-740 Roland XR-640

For cleaning and flushing the ink delivery system on all Mimaki Mild Solvent printers.

100% compatible with OEM and just €17,00 per cartridge.

  • Cartridge Capacity: 220 ml
  • Ink Colour: Cleaning Solution
  • Ink Type: Mild Solvent
  • OEM Product Number: No
  • This cleaning liquid is not compatible with water based and transfer sublimation inks.
  • Flush to clogged nozzles that ensuring better print quality.
  • Flushing cartridge for Mimaki


If printer ink lines are heavily clogged due to lack of usage, put away without flushing ink lines, defective compatiblet ink. We recommend using these cleaning cartridges to flush the lines before putting a new head. You would need a strong / good condition maintenance station to be able to pull the cleaning solution through the lines. Make sure you have fresh set of ink cartridge after flushing the ink lines and a set of new dampers after.

* Please clean ink system and heads all-round before you change our compatible SS21 ink, or it will be blocked up. We will not assume such responsibility.

Mimaki SS21 cartridge   Mimaki SS21 cartridge  Mimaki SS21 cartridge  Mimaki SS21 cartridge  Mimaki SS21 cartridge Mimaki SS21 cartridge


Cartridge Mimaki SS21

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