Mimaki Mild Solvent Cleaning Liquid 

This compatible cleaning cartridge is used for cleaning and flushing the ink delivery system on all Mimaki Mild Solvent printers. The cleaning liquid inside the cartridge is compatible with SS21, HS and ES3 inks. This compatible cartridge will replace the original Mimaki cleaning liquid (part number C-ML015-Z-K1-KW replacing SPC-0294 and SPC-0407).

**** Our price €20,00 same quality, however original Mimaki price around the €45,00

Mimaki CJV150-107, Mimaki CJV150-107BS, Mimaki CJV150-130, Mimaki CJV150-130BS, Mimaki CJV150-160, Mimaki CJV150-160BS, Mimaki CJV150-75, Mimaki CJV150-75BS, Mimaki CJV30-100, Mimaki CJV30-100BS, Mimaki CJV30-130, Mimaki CJV30-130BS, Mimaki CJV30-160, Mimaki CJV30-160BS, Mimaki CJV30-60, Mimaki CJV30-60BS, Mimaki CJV300-130, Mimaki CJV300-130BS, Mimaki CJV300-160, Mimaki CJV300-160BS, Mimaki JV150-130, Mimaki JV150-130BS, Mimaki JV150-160, Mimaki JV150-160BS, Mimaki JV2-130 Mimaki JV2-160, Mimaki JV2-180, Mimaki JV2-90 Mimaki JV3-130S, Mimaki JV3-130SL, Mimaki JV3-130SP II, Mimaki JV3-160S, Mimaki JV3-160SP, Mimaki JV3-250SP, Mimaki JV3-75SP II, Mimaki JV300-130, Mimaki JV300-130BS, Mimaki JV300-160, Mimaki JV300-160BS Mimaki JV33-130, Mimaki JV33-130BS, Mimaki JV33-160, Mimaki JV33-160BS, Mimaki JV33-260, Mimaki JV33-260BS, Mimaki JV34-260, Mimaki JV5-130S, Mimaki JV5-160S, Mimaki JV5-260S, Mimaki JV5-320DS Mimaki JV5-320S, Mimaki TPC-1000

Flushing Cartridge (220 ml cartridge) only €20,00

Mimaki Mild Solvent Cleaning Liquid (220ml cartridge)

Mimaki Mild Solvent Cleaning Liquid

We believe in the quality of our products; we only offer ink that will help you. Same quality as the original Mimaki SS21 ink only cheaper. Reduce your ink costs with our compatible Mimaki SS21 ink cartridges. Just €39,95 (440ml cartridge).

Equivalent to Mimaki:

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