Summer holiday-care for your Mimaki printer

Summer holiday is most definitely on its way. With work winding up for the year you will be preparing to take that well-earned rest over the Summer holiday. Whether you’re only closing for that one day or you’re making the most of it and taking a good week off, we want you to be safe in the knowledge that your Mimaki printer will be perfectly fine without you over the Summer holiday.

The beauty of the Mimaki printers is that they pretty much look after themselves, that said there are a couple actions you can to take to ensure you’ll be back up and printing straight away on your return after your Summer holiday.

  • Make sure your cartridges have enough ink left to run through. If there is enough ink in the printer it will clean itself and circulate the ink to keep it happy and healthy.
  • There is no need to flush your printer before leaving for your Summer holiday, however you can perform a manual clean on the last day to leave it in perfect running order. Check wiper blades are clean, supple, and not saturated in ink to allow them to clean the print heads.
  • Keep your machine plugged in, with the switch on the back turned on but leave the machine in standby mode. This will enable it to run it’s built in automatic maintenance cleans.
  • If you are using white and metallic in a Mimaki machine, before storing the machine for long periods of time, perform cleaning of heads and nozzles before putting the printer to bed for the Summer holiday.

Most Importantly check your ink stocks to make sure your machine does not run dry while you are on holiday. Just order a set online we have a special summer offer for you.

When you have a Mimaki printer that is using the SS21 ink you are at the right place. We offer the best compatible ink cartridge, on quality and price. We can offer 8 colours for only €39,50 per 440 ml cartridge.

Compatible Mimaki ss21 ink cartridges:

Compatible Printers: Compatible with Mimaki:

Mimaki CJV30-60, Mimaki CJV30-100, Mimaki CJV30-130, Mimaki CJV30-160, Mimaki CJV150-75, Mimaki CJV150-107, Mimaki CJV150-130, Mimaki CJV150-160, CJV300-130, CJV300-160, Mimaki JV5-130S, Mimaki JV5-160S, Mimaki JV5-320S, Mimaki JV33-130, Mimaki JV33-160, JV34-260, Mimaki JV150-130, Mimaki JV150-160, Mimaki JV300-130, Mimaki JV300-160

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Summer holiday-care for your Mimaki printer