Using non-original inks?

 If you are still using original Mimaki SS21 ink, its ‘time to converting to our compatible ss21ink. SS21 ink is an eco-solvent inkjet ink series formulated to match the colour, performance, and quality of original Mimaki SS21 ink.

Product info: Mimaki SS21 inkt cartridge Zwart

  • Plug and print function, insert cartridge and continue printing
  • No flushing required
  • Mixed operation possible with original inks
  • EOM matched quality, colour, and durability, 100% guaranteed
  • Thoroughly tested for performance and reliability
  • Get the same number of prints as the original, for a fraction of the price
  • Price for a 440 ml. cartridge just €39,50
  • High quality product from the UK

We offer the following equivalent to Mimaki:

Special offer: €140,00 for 4 cartridges


For peace of mind, free and easy returns are available in the unlikely case that this compatible high-quality ink cartridge is unsatisfactory for you.

Using compatible ink cartridges DOES NOT void or nullify your printer warranty, simply put, it is against the law for any printer manufacturer to invalidate a warranty by using compatible ink cartridges.

When changing from NON-OEM to SS21INK ink cartridge each colour should be flushed before putting in the SS21INK ink cartridge. When changing from Mimaki to SS21INK just replace the ink cartridge and start printing.




For the follwing Mimaki printers:

Mimaki CJV150-107 / CJV150-107BS / CJV150-130 / CJV150-130BS / CJV150-160 / CJV150-160BS / CJV150-75 / CJV150-75BS / CJV30-100 / CJV30-100BS / CJV30-130 / CJV30-130BS / CJV30-160 / CJV30-160BS / CJV30-60 / CJV30-60BS / CJV300-130 / CJV300-130BS / CJV300-160 / CJV300-160BS / JV150-130 / JV150-130BS / JV150-160 / JV150-160BS / JV2-130 / JV2-160 / JV2-180 / JV2-90 / JV3-130S / JV3-130SL / JV3-130SP II / JV3-160S / JV3-160SP / JV3-250SP / JV3-75SP II / JV300-130 / JV300-130BS / JV300-160 / JV300-160BS / JV33-130 / JV33-130BS / JV33-160 / JV33-160BS / JV33-260 / JV33-260BS / JV34-260 / JV5-130S / JV5-160S / JV5-260S / JV5-320DS / JV5-320S /TPC-1000

Cartridge Mimaki SS21

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Using non-original inks?