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Warranty cartridge SS21 ink

Warranty cartridge SS21 ink

Scope of warranty:

During the shelf life of 18 month (indicated on the label) of the cartridges, SS21ink takes over the guarantee that the product is not affected by material- or manufacturing defects and will not affect any interruption of the proper function of the printer (assuming proper use).

Prerequisites for guarantee services:

If the printer is damaged during this time by using a the cartridges SS21ink takes over the repair costs under the following conditions:

Immediate and direct information of the Dealer (initial report).
Report of the error code or damage and the possibility of a diagnosis.
Possibility to repair the printer by a technician or a service provider within a reasonable period.

Processing of warranty: If repairs fail:

• Another service provider will confirm that the damage is caused by the rebuild cartridges and is not aa result of normal wear and tear of the used printer.
• Return of the objected rebuild cartridges as well as the exchanged parts and the service report • before and after the repair.
• If requested, photographic documentation of the repair.

Elimination of warranty:

The SS21ink warranty will expire, if the rebuild cartridges is damaged or used inexpertly as well as manipulations made to the product. In any case, please note the manual of your printer. Unless otherwise stated in the manual, the warranty expires, if the printer will not be freed of any ink residues before installing the rebuild cartridges or used simultaneously or mixed with compatible ink of other manufacturers.

The simultaneously use of original ink of the printer manufacturer is permitted. There is no need to free the printer of ink residues of the original manufacturer.

The manufacturer warranty refers to recommended printers, only

• Please check that the Product is used proper before ordering a service provider.

• Please note: In case of damages not caused by the rebuild cartridges the general warranty and liability provisions will take effect.

• At first, please report the error/damage to the Dealer to coordinate the way forward with us.
Should you wish to return a product for whatever reason, please return it within 30 days of purchase with its invoice and we will return you your money.

Warranty cartridge SS21 ink

Download MSDS Specification: MSDS English SS21

Warranty Worries ?

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