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Flush Solution (220 ml cartridge)

20.00 ex. VAT

Mild Solvent Cleaning Liquid 

This 220ml cleaning cartridge is used for cleaning and flushing the ink delivery system on all Mimaki printers using SS21ink inks.




Flush Solution (220 ml cartridge)

This 220ml Flush cartridge is used for cleaning and flushing the ink delivery system on all Mimaki printers using SS21ink inks.

Replacement Mimaki SS21 is a fast-drying solvent ink with superior adhesion to media, paired with a brilliant colour reproduction for high speed printing. alternative Mimaki SS21 ink can be used for printing on various types of media with high scratch resistance characteristics.

SS21 ink is compatible and affordable ink with a wide range of media types, from indoor posters to outdoor signs. Having a wide printing performance on non-coated medias, the usable media types have widely increased. Also, as the ink has fast drying characteristics, high density with little bleeding can be achieved for high speed printing.

This Mimaki SS21 compatible ink is suitable for:

JV30-60, JV30-100, JV30-130, JV30-160, CJV33-130, CJV33-160, and CJV33-260.CJV30-60 , CJV30-100 , CJV30-130 , CJV30-160 , CJV150-75 , CJV150-107 , CJV150-130 , CJV150-160 , CJV300-130 , CJV300-160 , JV5-130S , JV5-160S , JV5-320S , JV33-130 , JV33-160 , JV34-260 , JV150-130 , JV150-160 , JV300-130 , JV300-160.


• From the Netherlands with high quality standards
• Absolutely scratch, alcohol and chemical resistant
• Perfect gloss
• Made for high resolution printing
• Free of any repro-toxic ingredients
• Due to its exact formulation, fully compatible to products of OEM manufacturers
• High print density
• Extremely wide colour gamut
• Quick drying
• Excellent substrate adhesion
• Superior scratch resistance
• Outdoor durability without lamination
• Low odour
• Plug & Play technology—virtually identical colour reproduction
• Ability to print on a wide range of media
• Cost Benefits Unmatched By OEM Ink
• Mix & Match with OEM Mimaki SS21 Ink
• They also come with a full warranty
• Cost effective
• Our ink formulations are clog and misfiring free
• Ink Volume: 220ml
• Our Price: €25,00

Flush Solution (220 ml cartridge)


Ink Type: Flush cartridge (with chip)
Ambient Temperature: 20 – 35°C
Ambient Humidity: 35 – 65% RH
Ink Volume: 440ml
Colours: 6 colours available
Easy-to-use 220 ml cartridges allow a rapid ink exchange

This cartridge is designed as a full replacement for the ink cartridge: Equivalent to Mimaki SS21:


Warranty Worries ?

Equivalent to Mimaki:

SPC-0501C Cyan
SPC-0501M Magenta
SPC-0501Y Yellow
SPC-0501K Black
SPC-0501LC Light Cyan
SPC-0501LM Light Magenta


Compatible with Mimaki 1 litre bottle:
Application list:

• Sign & Display
• Banner
• Tapestry
• Poster
• Flag
• Vehicle Wrapping
• Wallpaper
• Sports Apparel
• Interior Fabrics
• Fashion
• Textile
• POS Display


• Self-Adhesive, flexible and pressure
• sensitive vinyl.
• Banner Material
• Blue back paper
• Backed mesh

Our compatible/ aftermarket cartridge solution for Mimaki SS21 printers offers you immense cost savings while preserving the quality of your work. No ICC profiling required for OEM-equivalent colour and performance

Important to know:

The use of compatible replacement ink cartridges and supplies does not void printer warranty. We offer a 100% Quality Satisfaction Guarantee on our Compatible Mimaki Ink Cartridges.

Our SS21Ink are fully compatible with manufacturer inks, however we would recommend that if you are currently using alternative inks to the originals that you flush your system to ensure no colour variation.

Our Price: €39,50 per 220 ml. cartridge

• If you order before 15.00 on working days, then we will send the order the same day.
• We ship from Monday to Friday.

Product info Mimaki solvent printers:

Mimaki Printer parts codes:

For peace of mind, free and easy returns are available in the unlikely case that this compatible high-quality ink cartridge is unsatisfactory for you.




Additional information

For the follwing printers

CJV150-107, CJV150-107BS, CJV150-130, CJV150-130BS, CJV150-160, CJV150-160BS, CJV150-75, CJV150-75BS, CJV30-100, CJV30-100BS, CJV30-130, CJV30-130BS, CJV30-160, CJV30-160BS, CJV30-60, CJV30-60BS, CJV300-130, CJV300-130BS, CJV300-160, CJV300-160BS, JV150-130, JV150-130BS, JV150-160, JV150-160BS, JV2-130, JV2-160, JV2-180, JV2-90, JV3-130S, JV3-130SL, JV3-130SP II, JV3-160S, JV3-160SP, JV3-250SP, JV3-75SP II, JV300-130, JV300-130BS, JV300-160, JV300-160BS, JV33-130, JV33-130BS, JV33-160, JV33-160BS, JV33-260, JV33-260BS, JV34-260, JV5-130S, JV5-160S, JV5-260S, JV5-320DS, JV5-320S, TPC-1000