Mimaki eco solvent ink

Inks suppliers:

Mimaki inks supplier, we are an ink supplier with compatible ink cartridges and 1 litre bottles for Mimaki printers that use the Mimaki SS21 ink. And we offer a replacement cartridge for only €39,50 and the 1 litre bottle for €55,00 ex works The Netherlands.

Eco solvent ink:

Use the SS21 eco solvent ink for your Mimaki printer and you will see yourself that the only difference is the price. Just plug and print when using our products, we offer a top-quality product that is produced in the EU with the highest standers.

Shelf life Mimaki ink:

So shelf life of our replacement ink is the same as the original Mimaki products. Also, here you will not find any difference.  Our ink for the Mimaki eco solvent printer will do the same job, so no worry for your printheads and other issues.

Bulk eco solvent ink:

We also offer the compatible Mimaki SS21 ink in Bulk, in 1 litre bottles for just €55,00 per bottle. Just poor the ink from the bottle gently into your bulk container and continue printing.


Compatible with Mimaki 440 ml. cartridge: Cartridge Mimaki SS21 Light cyan


Relpacement with Mimaki 1 litre bottle: Mimaki SS21 Light Cyan 1 liter


Specifically manufactured to match the performance and colour properties of original Mimaki’s SS21 mild Solvent Inks. So Our premium based ink also provides exceptional durability & media compatibility. The Plug & Print compatibility allows the user to switch inks without the need to flush the lines or change the colour profile; just like the original!


  • Ink Type: SS21 Eco-Solvent Ink
  • Durability: 3 years Outdoor prints
  • Ambient Temperature: 10 – 35 ¡C
  • Resolution technology: Up to 1440 x 1440 dpi
  • Humidity: 35 – 65% RH
  • Ink Volume: 440ml/1litre
  • Colours: 6 colours available
  • Print technology: DX4, DX5, and DX7 printheads from Epson


Best Priced Compatible Mimaki Printer Cartridges + 1 litre bottles


Download The MSDS Specification: MSDS English SS21

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